We give collateral loans on guns, gold, coins, certain tools, game systems, games, movies, and more. We also purchase items as well. Recycle your gently used items, get some cash, let the next guy buy it who's been looking for it. We require current picture identification! Call if you have any questions about an item to bring in to sell or get a loan.

Whether you are buying, selling, receiving an online purchase or needing a private party transfer, we've got you covered! Want something specific? Stop on in with details or go to our online store through Gallery of Guns

Got questions about I1639, Washington's RCW 9.41 new gun laws?  We can help!  Here's a few of changes:

  • All semi-auto rifles require a background check, an $18 fee, a mandatory 10 business day hold as well as a firearms safety class that meets the requirements detailed in the initiative. Here's a link to the Attorney General's FAQ for I1639. 
  • All handguns require a hold until local law enforcement processes the background check requirements. Your CPL is now just a CPL.
  • All other long guns, including shotguns require a background check that may take anywhere from 0-10 business days.

There are quite a few resources for the Firearms Safety Training Course that is now required if you are buying any semi-auto rifle. Two online options are RifleClass.com or Sporting-Systems.com. You can also check with any local gun range to see if they're offering a course!

Pawn & Purchase:


Second Floor Antique & Thrift Store:

When you get your fishing license and catch record card here, you can pick up the bait you need, a new or used pole, lures, flies, hooks, line & sinkers. We carry an assortment of new & used fishing and sporting goods for the local lakes and rivers. We also do special orders when you need that perfect Rapala or Blue Fox, just let us know and we'll get it in for you. 


Gold Nugget Pawn Shop

Can you tell we have a second floor? It is the entire length of the building and filled with really fun finds. From antiques to the ancient 70's and beyond - it's a great shop to lounge about, reminisce and perhaps find a little treasure along the way.


Pick up your WDFW License, tags, & Discover Pass here. While you're at it, get your GMU map, a new rifle, ammo, hunters orange vest, warm weather military surplus clothing, Mountain House freeze-dried meals, gun cleaning supplies, game bags - the basic supplies you need to get out there.


Not your Grandpa's

Pawn Shop