Trails & Sights & Hikes, Oh My! Stop in to pick up a map for a local hike, check out our gear or just ask for a way to get lost (with the way back out as an option!)

"Do you have (insert caliber) ammo in stock?"

Most likely, YES & if not, we are constantly getting new shipments in, plus visit our ammunition page for fun facts!

Heading Fishing? We carry nightcrawlers that include a guarantee to like dirt more than water!!! From bait to hooks, we'v got your tackle!


We KNOW Guns!! Stop in and see our wide array of firearms! Want something specific or ordered online? Check out our firearms page for more info!

When you just need to get away from it all we have just what you need to visit our backyard!  You'll love the surreal mountain landscaping & won't want to go home!

mountain biking


Check out our new items and continued best sellers!

Did you know that Darrington hosts the National Archery Tournaments every three years? 


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Are you hunting for info? Whether you're looking for the latests updates or just need to reprint that forgotten license, we can help!

Sauk River Whitewater Rafting

For our hard-at-work customers, we're now sporting work boots (including Romeos), Key Logger jeans, Hi-Viz apparel, White Ox gloves & More!



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We believe travel broadens the mind and gives each of us a different perspective on life. Get out and experience the world! You'll love it.