Gold Nugget Jewelry & Loan

Military Surplus

The Nugget is Veteran Owned and Operated.  
We carry survival supplies, emergency food, MREs and much more US military surplus.
All at your local Darrington Pawn Shop.
5% OFF all purchases to all Active & Veterans of the United States Military.

We Carry MRE's & Mountain House Freeze-Dried Food

We have a good selection of European & U.S. Military Surplus. We also carry 'new' military gear as well. Many of these items are from suppliers that are to military specifications.

 We are stocked for the winter season with wool blankets and fleece hats. We also have
long johns
wool socks, regular socks
field jackets
and more.

We carry clothing, packs, canteens, pistol belts, tactical vests, fuel packs, cold/warm weather hats, Mountain House Freeze-Dried foods, gross emergency food, survival supplies, and much more.

These items are useful for hikers & backpackers, for hunters, survivalists, for emergency packs for your home and vehicle.

We have great suppliers to keep the prices remarkably affordable.

You can fill up your bug out bag here
at the Pawn Shop!

We might be your local pawn shop but we are also your local military surplus store!

Hiking 10 Essentials:
Sunglasses & Sunscreen
Extra Food & Water
Extra Clothes
First Aid Kit
Fire starter

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