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Both Cast & Fly Fishing with full gear & bait set up for our local lake & creek trout or bass fishing available for daily or weekly rental.
Have family coming to visit? Your neighbor not return your pole yet?

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Trout Casting/spin kit $10-15/unit per day!Includes everything you need to catch or lose a fish! Each kit is designed for one person for use on local lakes or creeks. Rental Includes Choice of (select below):

  • 5’ Okuma Cascade rod & reel with line. #1
  • 5’6” Shakespeare Amphibian rod & reel with 6-12lb Medium line. #2
  • 6’ Shakespeare Crusader rod & reel with 6-12lb Medium line. #3
  • 6’6” Shakespeare Catch Fishing rod & reel with 4-8lb Ultralight line – green additional $5.00/day rental #1

Your pole is already set up with:

  • Medium size bobber
  • Size 5 snap swivel
  • 2 – Size 5 round shot sinkers
  • Size 8 baitholder hook with leader
  • Choice of worms or Berkley Powerbait

Your Tackle Box comes with:

  • Small trout net
  • Creel
  • Mini-tackle box
  • 5 additional bobbers
  • 5 additional snap swivels
  • 10 Sinkers
  • 5 Additional Size 8 baitholder hooks w/leader
  • Pliers
  • Stringer

Trout Fly kits $12/unit per day! Each kit is designed for one person. Lake/Pond Fly Fishing Rental Includes Choice of (select below):

  • Pflueger 8' 3-piece #5/6 weight fly rod with single-action fly reel 25 yards of 6wt fly line. 50 yards of 20lb backing. 7'6" 4x tapered leader. 5 dry flys #1
  • Cedar Canyon by Shakespeare Premier 9' 4pc graphite fly rod with stainless steel guides. #5/6 line weight. Rod weight is only 4.7 oz #2

Your Pole is already set up with:

  • 8' Leader 5#
  • 1 – Local Made Trout Fly

Your Tackle Box comes with:

  • Creel
  • Mini tackle box
  • 5 Local made trout flies
  • 8' Leader 5#
  • Split shot weights
  • Pliers
  • Fish Net
  • Stringer

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​​​Stop by and see us on your way to the great outdoors. We are Darrington's one and only pawn shop and sporting goods retailer. You can't miss the big red building, located right at the 4-way stop on Highway 530 and the Mt. Loop Highway in Darrington, WA. Nestled up to Whitehorse Mountain and the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, the Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest calls out for adventure.

For Locals: We are a Federal Firearms Dealer. We can help you with your firearm transfers both private & online purchases as well as with special orders direct from our multiple suppliers. We are your local firearms and ammunition dealer.

Gold Nugget is a WASHINGTON STATE FISH & WILDLIFE AUTHORIZED DEALER. Purchase your hunting, fishing, and state Discover parking pass here. Just passing thru or visiting? We rent fishing poles and tackle for the day or the week. The specifics are listed at bottom of page. We have inventory for the upcoming hunting seasons as well. GMU maps, Scent-blocker, ammo, earplugs, game bags & gear to get out there.

The Nugget is Veteran Owned and Operated. 5% off all purchases to all Active & Retired Veterans of the United States Military, National Guard, and Coast Guard. We also extend the small discount to Firefighters, EMS & Law Enforcement as well. Thank you all for your service. Discount is excluded on WDFW & Consignments.

  • We carry survival supplies, emergency food, MREs and US & European military surplus. We also carry 'new' military gear as well. Many of these items are from suppliers that manufacture to military specifications. We have boonie hats, women's hats (a few are pink too), military spec men's shorts & pants, women's and men's camo t-shirts and more. 
  • Refill your first aid kit here with our great assortment of single use items including bandages, gauze, masks, and more. We have small ready to go kits as well.
  • Pick up free handouts for making first aid kits, how to prepare for wind storms, water events, and more scenarios.
  • We carry single roll toilet paper, clothing, packs, canteens, pistol belts, tactical vests, fuel packs, cold/warm weather hats, blankets, socks, Mountain House Freeze-Dried foods, MRE's, emergency food, survival supplies, and much more. We have really great suppliers to keep the prices remarkably affordable. You can fill up your bug out bag here at the Pawn Shop!

WE BUY YOUR GOLD JEWELRY & SILVER COINS FOR CASH! We buy gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, dental gold, sterling silver flatware & tea sets, silver coins & bars and more! We test and accurately weigh your gold and silver for the best cash price. Come in for a free quote. Bring in your broken, bent, pieces missing, unused gold jewelry for cash! Your unwanted gold could be worth hundreds of dollars!

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We also have tools, electronics, video game systems & games, Blu-ray & DVD movies, fine & costume jewelry, new gifts; just a little bit of everything. We also have a small but varied selection of musical instruments, electric & acoustic guitar strings, bass, mandolin & banjo too. Other music accessories cover picks, pick-ups, straps, instrument cords & a few drum sticks.  

Join our Monthly Coupon Club. We send a special coupon just to members of the Gold Nugget Monthly Club. We will email or mail you each month with a coupon, announcements and specials! We will not share your information with ANYONE!

Second Floor Antique & Thrift Store is open year round. Come in, spend some time. We have so much to offer!

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Closed Monday thru Thursday & Sunday

We do special ordering for just about anything we can carry or get. Please ask if you are looking for a specific firearm, sights, magazines, fishing gear, bait, ammo, guitar strings, a violin, surplus or more. We'll try to find it for you.  We are really rocking the customer service.

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