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Check out Destination Darrington here for information about the local camping opportunities!

‚ÄčCamping in the Pacific Northwest

Here at the Gold Nugget, we understand the outdoors attraction and provide solutions to make sure your experience is a fun and pleasant trip! Visit our upstairs department to view the choices offers for your camping and hiking excursions!

We feature brands such as:

  • Kelty Backpacks with and without frames, Bestie & Biggie Blankets, Sleeping Bags and coolers!
  • Slumberjack Shelters from stand-alone tents to the SlumberShack that attaches to your rig as well as multi-season sleeping bags for every occasion!
  • Pelican coolers with long term cooling storage!
  • Skeeterhawk by Nebo Tools Mosquito Repellents & Boundary Control from those pesky and annoying insects!
  • Plus options such as camp furniture, hiking sticks and more!