Got questions about I1639, Washington's RCW 9.41 new gun laws?  We can help!  Here's a few of changes:

  • All semi-auto rifles require (these include AR's as well as Ruger 10/22's for example)
    • a Federal & State background check performed by law enforcement
    • an $18 fee collected at time of purchase
    • a Mandatory 10 business day hold
    • a firearms safety class that meets the requirements detailed in the initiative. (See below for links to take this course online)


  • All handguns require
    • a Federal & State background check performed by law enforcement
    • a hold until local law enforcement processes the background check requirements. (Sorry but your Concealed Pistol License "CPL" is now just a license to carry a pistol concealed and does not allow for same-day handgun transactions.)


  • All other long guns, including shotguns require
    • a Federal background check that may take anywhere from 0-10 business days.

There are quite a few resources for the Firearms Safety Training Course that is now required if you are buying any semi-auto rifle. Two online options are or You can also check with any local gun range to see if they're offering a course!



Transfer fee: $30 per firearm. 

Private Party Transfer Fee: $30 per firearm.

Military discount is $5 off per transfer.

Multiple firearms that can be processed with a single background check may be eligible for quantity discounts, contact store for details.


Whether you are buying, selling, receiving an online purchase or needing a private party transfer, we've got you covered! Want something specific? Stop on in with details or go to our online store through Gallery of Guns. 

Available for in stock firearms & firearms ordered through our Gallery of Guns online store.

25% deposit required on in stock firearms.
Firearms are held for 90 days with regular monthly payments. 
After 90 days of no payment, deposit will be forfeited & item will be restocked.

No cash refunds after 14 days
Cancellation fee 15% of purchase price. Balance of deposit returned as store credit after 30 days.


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