​​​​​​​​​Need to know what's in season?

Hunters Reports are DUE by January 31st!

click HERE to go to the WDFW website to turn in your reports and avoid the $10 fee next year!

(You will need to set up an account per person for reporting - phone reporting is no longer an option)

We are a licensed WDFW dealer

and can get you set up for a new license,

print a duplicate if you lost (or forgot) your license

and add on additional items

as the seasons change.

Multi-season Permits are available to Purchase From Dec - March 31st)

Multi-season permits are usually available for purchase from December thru March 31st and are a great way to extend your hunting seasons by being able to utilize all three hunting methods (archery, modern firearm & muzzleloader) until you get your animal. 

For Elk, a multi-season permit also allows the hunter to hunt both East and West sides of Washington, but these are very limited!

Annually, the multi-season permit drawing results are available by the time the special permits window opens in April so you can make an educated choice for the special permits.

Anyone who purchased the multi-season permit and is drawn has until the end of July to purchase it. After July 31st the remaining un-purchased permits for both deer and elk are counted and then opened for availability to all hunters who previously purchased an application for the current hunting year. WDFW announces the date they will make the extras available, but keep in mind, any remaining elk multi-season permits sell out in seconds!



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