Pawn FAQ

Gold Nugget Jewelry & Loan Inc.

Q: What are your hours? 

  • Monday through Friday 10:00-6:00 
  • Saturday 9:00-6:00. 
  • Closed on Sundays. â€‹

Q: What kinds of things do you buy or loan on? 

  • Fine gold, dental gold, scrap gold, sterling silver & silver coins. 
  • We do 50% market value for firearms. 
  • Power tools, cordless & corded tools, hand tools, & gas powered tools.
  • Game systems & games, such as PS4, Xbox ONE, Nintendo Switch, etc.
  • Modern electronics such as iPod touch, tablets, blu-ray players, flat screen & smart tv's.
  • Laptops with Windows 10 operating system or Macs manufactured within 3 years.
  • DVD's & Blu-rays
  • Musical instruments such as acoustic or electric guitars.
  • Military surplus & some fishing & hunting sporting goods.
  • You are welcome to bring your items by anytime during our business hours. 

Q: Do you pay cash for gold?

  • Yes!

Q: Do you pay cash for diamonds?

  • Generally no, as we don't have the means to certify the quality of the stones.

Q: How much do you pay for gold & silver? 

  • The price of gold & silver fluctuates by the minute.  We watch the market & take into consideration the karat & weight of the item before we make a valid offer. 

Q: How do you know if it's real gold, silver or diamonds? 

  • We use testing kits that identify the diamonds, silver or gold.

Q: What kind of things DON'T you buy or loan on?

  • NO PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii or older consoles. (Exceptions are Nintendo 64 games & consoles)
  • NO Cell phones.
  • NO Bicycles
  • NO Vehicles or titles
  • NO item that requires a 220 volt power outlet to run, i.e. heavy duty welders.

Q: Are there any requirements or restrictions for bringing in something for a loan?

  • All items require demonstration that the item functions as intended.
  • Items must include all required parts & accessories (i.e. controllers, power cords, etc.)
  • Items with accounts such as laptops, tablets, etc need to be logged out, reset or a working password demonstrated in order for us to accept it. (For example: an Xbox One console will need to be signed out of Xbox Live & accounts removed.)
  • Any cordless item needs a fully charged battery & charger. Power items cannot have damaged cords.
  • Gas powered items only need enough fuel to test run, & we recommend turning the unit off & allow it to burn out any residual fuel from the carburetor.

​Q: I heard that pawn shops are notorious for taking stolen property, is this true?

  • We strive to maintain an excellent business and do our due diligence in evaluating what we purchase or loan on and to whom. Any type of merchandise that has serial numbers is recorded in our system and we will refuse to take anything that has a missing serial number. 
  • We work with law enforcement to prevent taking in stolen property by also checking id's against a periodic list provided by law enforcement (called a "NO PAWN LIST") of customers that are not allowed to sell or get loans on merchandise. We will refuse to conduct any pawn business with anyone on this list or any customers connected to anyone on this list. 
  • While nothing is 100% guaranteed, we do submit all of our incoming items through LeadsOnline, which is a national database that law enforcement can utilize to track down stolen merchandise. This database makes the searching area nationwide instead of just the local areas, which most stolen property will pass through multiple hands before appearing at pawn shops. 
  • MYTHBUSTER - unfortunately we don't have the ability to check in real time the status of serial numbers.

Q: What do I do if I've had something stolen?

  • The BEST thing you can do is to contact your local law enforcement! While this may seem frustrating, law enforcement use these reports to monitor areas and likely suspects. By reporting the theft, the chances of your property being returned to you increases tremendously and frequent reports increase police monitoring in areas of high thefts. 

Q: What if I believe my stolen property was brought to a pawn shop?

  • Again, contact your local law enforcement! They will then contact the shop and request a "police hold" on the item, which prevents the shop from releasing the property to the suspect or from placing the property out for sale until they complete their investigation.
  • ​We are happy to take reports of stolen property in order to help keep an eye out and to prevent us from unknowingly accepting merchandise from the wrong people.
  • (Please note that we are unable to provide any private information directly to you, even if you "know" who the person was that brought the item in.)

Q: What other advice do you have regarding stolen property?

  • We can't stress enough the importance of keeping good records!! Keeping photographs of your property, logging serial numbers, keeping receipts increase your chances of having your property returned if it is stolen. This is the proof that law enforcement will require to match with anything that is entered into the LeadsOnline database. While nothing will guarantee your property won't be stolen, keeping good locks on your property, checking on outbuildings periodically & keeping an eye on your surroundings will help keep most of your stuff safe & secure. â€‹